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Am I the only one who’s seen this??

New one on me…






If I was a celebrity I would go knocking on doors and be like hello yes it’s me

I would ride the bus to confuse people.

I would stalk a fan, find out where they work, and bring them a coffee.

I would create my own live journal and write fan fiction about myself and then instead of using manips actually just pose for freaky pictures and post them at the beginning of each chapter so that people would freak out. 

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This was pretty cool, If the shirts can spark some interesting conversation, they are doing their jobs. If you own a Straight but Not Narrow shirt, have you had a interesting talk with someone while wearing it?
If you don’t get them here. :)

Guess Santa is Straight but Not Narrow! Thanks, Santa!
Wearing it also sparked a really great conversation with my dad about homophobia and how ridiculous it is. Hope everyone wears these and gets questioned about them so we can keep spreading the word about this wonderful organization and its cause!

CBS is making a new Sherlock? That sounds fantastic! Said no one ever.Via someecards

Haven’t seen this one for a while. He looks pretty buff in this one too - look at his leg muscles. So the star trek body thing really isn’t that new. I think he just slims down and bulks up depending on the roles he’s playing. Think about how he looked in Frankenstein…

Benny had a little lamb it’s fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Benny went, the lamb was sure to go. 
Oh God, Yes.: Steven Moffat promises a puzzling climax to Sherlock's third series


Sherlock’s executive producer Steven Moffat has promised fans that the climax to the glossy detective drama’s third series will leave them “just as frustrated as ever they were.”

Speaking at the Bafta Craft awards held last weekend, the writer admitted that he and co-writer…


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